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I'm a representative of an older cohort of millennials absolutely passionate about social media. When I registered on Facebook in February 2009 I thought it was so boring compared to Myspace. Now, Facebook is thriving and has even become my life and career. Add Instagram to it as well and you get a perfect social media marketing maniac. Can I help your company perform better on social media? You tell me. This is the list of what I'm most skilled at👇🤓

Content Strategy & Creation
 Copy  Competitors Analysis

Ad Setup & Management 

 Branding  Instagram Filters

Hashtag Research    Planning

My professional background includes extensive work in journalism, tech, and media management fields

Apart from consulting companies in social media marketing individually, I also manage the projects of my own social media marketing agency - RANOK - that works with companies that target Ukrainian and the US & European markets. I'm also the Founder of the media for women The Hustle Is Female with over 65K social media followers. 61% of our audience comes from the US. We've already worked on creative collaborations to promote such brands as Amazon Prime Video, Thinx, Elka Swim, and others.


My previous experience includes being a tech journalist at an English-language newspaper KyivPost where I covered the Ukrainian tech scene and wrote over 100 articles. I also contributed to 5 special printed newspaper supplements. In 2015, I was appointed as the Executive Director to launch a Ukrainian tech media startup BrainTV. Under my leadership, the team raised $17, 000 of the initial investment. I have also led the creative flow of the company as we've produced hundreds of exclusives, including the interviews with the American artist and entrepreneur,, ex-Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President at Salesforce, Lynn Vojvodich, and  Editor At Large at TechCrunch, Mike Butcher, all filmed at World Economic Forum 2017. As the Creative Director at the media project with over 20 million Facebook followers worldwide, I've led the video production team producing episodes that were reaching over 1 million views on average. 


I'm often a speaker at online & offline social media marketing workshops as well as tech-related events. In 2018, I spoke at the Atlantic Council's "Ukraine's Plugged-in Economy" panel discussion in Washington D.C. In 2008-2009, I studied in the US as the finalist of the US Department of State Scholarship Program FLEX.

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