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Chapter 01

getting started

Learn how to wow your first-time visitors. I teach you how to make a perfect profile image, cover image and video, About and Our Story section, a Button setup, etc. Make your page ready for posting and running ads.

chapter 02

making a content plan

When to post? What to post? And how to post. I go over these questions. Plus, you get a free content planning I template I use at TheHustleIsFemale.

chapter 03

analyzing performance

Understand your performance to make smart business decisions. What's the difference between likes and followers? How to know when most of your followers are online? This and so much more is covered in this chapter. 

chapter 04

utilizing extra features

How to grow your own group? How to post jobs for free on Facebook? How to sell via Facebook Marketplace? How to set up services? Let's go over all of this in Chapter 4. 

chapter 05

growth techniques and strategies

Learn how to use paid ads, chatbot marketing automation, third-party groups, services, shop, and platforms like Quora, Reddit, and HARO to drive sales from your Facebook page.

chapter 06

creating content

Want to schedule lives to get audience notified in advance? Want to live stream pre-recorded content? Want to make beautiful videos without hiring a video editor? I will give you all the tools you need to make content without going broke.

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“Overall quite pleased with this book! It offers a thorough explanation of the features of Facebook business pages, and delivers them in an easy-to-understand way. This book went more in-depth than anything else I've read regarding social media marketing. I learned quite a bit about chatbots, groups, and driving traffic to a business page. This is THE place to start for anyone new to marketing on Facebook!”


About Author

Bozhena Sheremeta is the Founder of the online media for ambitious women TheHustleIsFemale. The project has 63,000 Facebook and Instagram followers coming from the US, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe. Bozhena also serves as the Social Media Marketing Consultant to SMEs targeting the US and EU markets. 


Her previous background includes different projects at the intersection of the tech and media industries. In 2014, she became a tech journalist at an English-language newspaper KyivPost where she covered the Ukrainian tech scene. Bozhena wrote over 100 articles and contributed to 5 special printed newspaper supplements. In 2015, she was appointed as the Executive Director to launch the niche tech media startup BrainTV. Under her leadership, the team raised $17, 000 of investment. Bozhena has also produced hundreds of original video materials, including exclusive interviews with the American artist and entrepreneur,, ex-Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President at Salesforce, Lynn Vojvodich, and  Editor At Large at TechCrunch, Mike Butcher, all filmed at World Economic Forum 2017. As the Creative Director, Bozhena has also led the video production team of the Amomama media with the total audience of over 20 million Facebook followers worldwide. Videos produced by the team under her leadership were reaching over 1 million views on average. 


Bozhena is often a speaker of social media marketing workshops as well as tech-related events. In 2018, Bozhena participated at the Atlantic Council's "Ukraine's Plugged-in Economy" panel discussion in Washington D.C. In 2008-2009, Bozhena studied in the US as the finalist of the US Department of State Scholarship Program FLEX.

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